What is SARF?

The Serving At-Risk Families (SARF) ministry of Servants, Inc. aims at providing access to education, employment, and healthcare for Guatemalan families in need with an approach that is sustainable and offers dignity to those receiving care.  We want to help families at risk of falling apart or that have already fallen apart due to the extreme poverty they have found themselves in reaching their goals of self-sustainability.  We consider a holistic approach is necessary to accomplish this and focus on ministering to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each family.  We accomplish this by:

  • Providing immediate emergency care such as medical needs, educational support, and nutritional provision.
  • Help families connect with other available services available within the country or even through their families.
  • Building relationships with local churches and ministries to reach families in their communities who need a little help helping themselves.
  • Creating micro-financing options for families who have a desire to start their own businesses or need assistance paying off previous debts
  • Spiritually mentoring entire families to grow in their relationship with God which we know will help them survive the toughest of situations.
  • Restoring emotional trauma from past relationships and abandonment situations so families can rebuild their self confidence.
  • Repair and rebuild homes and community facilities by hosting short-term missions teams


SARF Family Collage

Vision Statement

As revealed in Revelation 21:3-4
As a team of likeminded Christians, we will work together faithfully and diligently to fulfill God’s will for this ministry as an example of His power and enduring love. God’s vision to us for Guatemala encompasses a complete transformation of the land and its people through restoration and discipleship resulting in a society exemplifying God’s love with service and self-sufficiency.

As seen in Ephesians 4:22-24
We envision a complete transformation of Guatemala in all aspects. Spiritually, the nation will be united in Christ likeness. The social disparity will no longer exist and the people of the land will work towards peace between demographical differences. Crime will be at an all time low and constantly decreasing. Individuals will embrace a sense of community exuberating God’s love. People will reach out to help others in times of need. Relational poverty will no longer exist, giving way to a fiscally stable society that works as one large family. Community members will rely on each other for support during difficulty, God for spiritual strength, and the local church for direction and worship.

As explained in 1 Corinthians 12:12-31
We envision the people of Guatemala to have a restored relationship with God through Jesus Christ. As a result, broken relationships within families, the community, and different socioeconomic groups will be repaired and function as God intended them. The return to wholeness and realization of God’s purpose for these entities will result in a mutual respect between them. Families will achieve economic balance that is evident through their emergence from poverty and sustainability of life. This will result in a country that lives in harmony and working together for the common goal of peace and goodness; not just within its borders, but with the rest of the world, proving to be a model for others to emulate.

As emphasized in 2 Timothy 3:14-17
We envision the local church leading the discipleship of the community using a biblical foundation to minister to believers and nonbelievers alike. As a result, leaders will rise from the community to mentor others in the ways of Christ. The community will instinctively reach out to evangelize nonbelievers in order to help them realize and accept God’s saving grace through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The community will consist of fully functioning followers of Christ, testing their thoughts and actions against biblical principles as a way of righteous discernment and guidance.

As articulated in Matthew 25:14-30
The people of Guatemala will realize a level of self sustainability. Their relationships with God will be maintained through constant bible reading, prayer, and communion with fellow believers. They will be content in God’s provisions as He supplies the means for education, training, and employment for all citizens. Each family will preserve adequate housing and know how to properly steward their resources in accordance with God’s direction.

As witnessed in Acts 2:42-47
We envision the local church establishing relationships within the community. This will inspire community members to ban together to help each other through hardships and encourage them to celebrate their lives as a united society. As this trend is spread to other communities and eventually other countries, people will be motivated to seek and serve God’s will instead of their own. These Godly inspired values will be preserved as they are handed down through generations, changing the outlook of the country’s future.

As commanded in Philippians 2:1-5
As a team of likeminded followers of Christ, we envision each of us will be prayer warriors in communion with our supporters. We will seek discernment of our decisions filtered through biblical principles found in God’s Holy Word. Our unity will foster a continual atmosphere of teamwork and brotherhood, a small but powerful example of God’s desire for us to set His example. Local churches, indigenous leadership, and willing volunteers will anxiously seek out to partner with us as they realize God’s vision of this ministry. Being in step with God’s mission, He will keep the ministry well resourced and supplied to carry out His will.

Vision Tree

Here is a visual representation of the Serving At Risk Families vision.

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