We sat down in this woman’s very nice looking house in a secure neighborhood and based on what we saw, […]
Mirna Diaz and her two children are suffering from a lot of emotional hurt as a result of her husband […]
Hipolita is the daughter of Emilia Cordero, another family that was once served by Servants in Guatemala. Hipolita (pronounced Eepolita) […]
We met Angelica, Jesus (Chus), and Jeremias through Servants missionaries serving in Guatemala.  The introduction to their great need came […]
The Fuentes family holds a special place in our hearts because it is the first family we started serving through […]
In 2015, Roselia separated from Jorge Jimenez and took with her 2 of their 4 boys, Jorge Andres (their oldest) […]
  Carmen, although at retirement age, continues to work to do her best and support her family. In 2013, Carmen and […]
Fidel has worked hard to try to provide for his family but it has been difficult since he is much […]
These three children have had a traumatic experience at such a young age. Their father, Erick, is an alcoholic. Their […]
  Aminta is a single mom who left her alcoholic husband to provide a better life for herself and her […]