We are happy to see that despite limited access to computers and the internet, the girls are doing great in […]
The girls continue to advance!  Paola is absolutely loving her high school courses and is excited to continue her studies […]
In May the team that came down to serve with us hosted a special birthday party for Silvia!  It was […]
This year, the Vasquez household got a little smaller as Apolonia’s sister and niece moved in with them.  Her niece, […]
This year of school was one the girls had to fight through, but they came out victorious!  Ana had struggled […]
Every year, Apolonia’s girls’ school has a gymnastics competition.  They work for a month in gym class on choreography, uniforms, […]
The Vazquez family continues to move forward in all areas of their lives.  Apolonia with her business of selling fruit, […]
A few months ago we shared about the quinceaños celebration that would be in October for Apolonia’s daughter Jenifer.  We […]
A few days ago Jennifer and Sylvia had a gymnastic activity in school and we wanted to share some of […]
The quinceañera, or 15th year celebration, is one of the most anticipated days of a young girl’s life here in Guatemala. […]