This past month, despite the various restrictions due to the COVID 19 pandemic that the government is enforcing to control […]
Maty graduated high school!  We were able to attend her graduation and watch her cross the stage. Click here to […]
Pedro asked that we share the current events of his family so we can join them in prayer. About a […]
The Perez family recently celebrated the first year of their new addition: Pedro Alejandro’s first birthday!  We were able to […]
We have seen a huge change in Katy and Maty this year, to the point it really has surprised us […]
Katy and Maty continue to do well in school.  Maty asked us to pray for her as she looks for […]
Juanita and Pedro ask that you would join them in prayer as they look for a house or a piece […]
A few days ago Jacinto, the son of Juanita and Pedro, was coming home and some men jumped him and […]
As you may remember, 2017 was a very hard year for the Perez family.  The girls, Maty and Katy, struggled […]
The Perez family has had a difficult year but praise the Lord there have been times of joy in that […]