Our most recent team to Guatemala worked hard to finish Aminta’s wall, fix Apolonia’s roof, build a small kitchen for […]
You may or may not have heard of the Chikungunya virus, but it is currently running rampant in Central America […]
Hello folks, This is your friendly website administrator sending another update about email subscriptions about your families.  In the past […]
Hello folks, We wanted to send a little “system update” to you.  Some of you have ben having issues with […]
January was a busy month for those of us here in Guatemala. The first week of January we had 4 […]
Hey Folks! We at Servants wanted to send out a quick update of how we are trying to better keep […]
On November 30, 2014 two dreams came to life through one event.  On this day Jerson Cordero was the first […]
For those of you who have been involved in the Juan Fortin computer lab or remember hearing about when we […]
Back in June we shared about a team from Iowa coming to build Aminta a new house (you can read […]
Hi Folks! We hope that you have had some time to navigate and utilize the mySARF website to stay connected […]