We had the pleasure of spending some time with Oti and Hector. Hector seems to be recovering well, despite his […]
For those of you who have a connection with this family, you might be surprised to receive an update about […]
It is with much sadness and a little joy that we are contacting you about the passing of our sweet […]
The other day we were visiting with Maria, who is having quite a rough time.  The illnesses that she has […]
A few months ago Maria shared with us that she had lost her glasses was using glasses that were 14 […]
3 days after we sent out the last update Maria was able to get her tienda reopened!  Her nephew was […]
A few months ago we shared about Maria’s illness, her treatment and that she was slowly getting better.  Sadly,
It has been a long hard 4 months for Maria.  
In June Maria celebrated her 75th birthday with some friends who brought her a special meal and cake. After this […]
In our last post about Maria we shared how she had enjoyed celebrating her birthday with some friends.  However, the […]