We are happy to announce that Olga was approved by the Guatemalan Ministry of Labor to hold an official job […]
A lot has happened in the life of this family!  Kesler and Byron passed the year of school!  We were […]
As we recently shared, Beverly is currently expecting the birth of her baby boy.  This past week, Olga has noticed […]
We recently received permission from Olga to announce to you that in August, Beverly will be giving birth to a […]
We are VERY excited to share this update with you.  After many years of struggle, heartache, and what seemed to […]
Please celebrate with us that Olga finally got her residency!!!  It has been a long time coming and would not […]
Yesterday Olga informed us that she along with her two boys, Kesler and Byron, are waiting in Guatemala’s Child and […]
This is how you directly translate the phrase used in Guatemala when you are trying to say that you are […]
Olga and Elias ask for prayers for their family as they are definitely under some spiritual attacks right now.  They […]
Olga was illegally brought to Guatemala from Honduras at a very young age and has never been able to get […]