Please continue to pray for the ongoing struggles Aminta’s family is having as well as the struggles we are having […]
Motivating this family to do their part continues to be a struggle for us.  Aminta has made food to sell […]
Thank you for your prayers for Sarai!  This morning we heard from Aminta.  After getting checked out at the hospital […]
Sarai, Aminta’s granddaughter, has been experiencing some excruciating pains in her abdomen.  Today when we visited the family, Aminta asked […]
Aminta and her brother Fredy have started sewing tablecloths and pillowcases!  Fredy creates the designs and Aminta is sewing them. […]
As the year goes on so does Aminta’s court proceedings.  She recently discovered that the case is being “elevated” to […]
We are pleased to tell you that Aminta continues to do well despite her continuing court case.  She recently had […]
Aminta’s legal case continues, although it is drawing to a close.  The judge finished reading off the books of evidence […]
Aminta’s case continues to process.  She recently had to sit through a week of court hearings as the judge read […]
This July, both Marlin Lopez Ordoñez and Jenifer Lopez Ramirez celebrated their 15th birthdays together at their church.  We wanted to […]