Not to our surprise, the Lopez kids are doing very well!  Luis graduated middle school this year.  There was no […]
The Lopez kids are doing really well!  They are responding well to their homeschooling this year and have been also […]
The kids are doing well in school and even advancing beyond the requirements of their classes.  Because of this Jorge […]
The Lopez kids (as we’ve begun to call them) have ended the year very well.  All 3 completed their schooling […]
This July, both Marlin Lopez Ordoñez and Jenifer Lopez Ramirez celebrated their 15th birthdays together at their church.  We wanted to […]
The Lopez kids’ main focus right now is school. Luis is doing very well in school and is enjoying his […]
The quinceañera, or 15th year celebration, is one of the most anticipated days of a young girl’s life here in Guatemala. […]
As we shared previously in our September update, the Lopez Ordoñez kids have had a great year where they have […]
At the beginning of this year the Lopez Ordoñez kids got a great surprise!!  They were told that Gerson and […]
Recently, the caregivers for Luis and Josue noticed that there were some strange things happening to them.  They were having […]