Although there hasn’t been much new to report about the Jimenez Family, we wanted to make sure you continue to […]
We recently spoke with Carmen who has been living with her daughter in Guatemala City which is about 90 minutes […]
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A little while ago Carmen asked us if we would help her move to Guatemala City to live with her […]
We just wanted to send a quick note to let you all know that Jorge went to rehab 2 nights […]
Things in the Jimenez house have gone a bit downhill lately.  Jorge had been working for the municipality as they […]
This new year hasn’t been the easiest for Jorge, Brandon, and Carmen, however not all news is bad news. Until […]
Our biggest concern for this family has always been Jorge’s alcohol addiction.  He has been off and on again since […]
Recently we had the opportunity to talk a bit with Carmen, as she hasn’t been feeling well lately so we […]
The Jimenez family has gone through a lot of changes over the past several months.  Jorge lost his job that […]
We are so happy to share that the Jimenez boys, Brandon and Kevin, both passed their year of schooling this […]