Not much has changed since our last update about the Fuentes kids.  Jairo failed two classes this year and needs […]
Ilsa and Dincy have not been getting along which has resulted in Dincy moving out of the house.  She is […]
Dincy is beyond happy with her new school, where she is taking the first steps to earn her education in […]
We are happy and proud to report that both Dincy and Jairo are moving on to their next stages of […]
Jairo was recently sick with a stomach infection but has since recovered.  He is doing well in school and looking […]
In our last update we shared with you about Ilsa’s son Roger breaking his clavicle.  We are happy to report […]
In our last update we shared that Jairo and Dincy were having some struggles with their studies.  We are happy […]
At the end of July Dincy celebrated her 15th birthday at her family’s church surrounded by friends and family. Thanks […]
We’re happy to share that Ilsa, the woman who cares for the Fuentes children, is learning
The quinceañera, or 15th year celebration, is one of the most anticipated days of a young girl’s life here in Guatemala. […]