Three orphans surviving by the provisions of others.

Celebrations and difficulties

At the end of July Dincy celebrated her 15th birthday at her family’s church surrounded by friends and family. Thanks to donations from sponsors Servants was able to help the family with some of the costs for this special day!  Sadly, all of our missionaries were out of town the day of the celebration so we were unable to be there. However, here are some pictures of the preparations for the big day that our missionaries got to be a part of.

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Dincy’s quinceaños!

The quinceañera, or 15th year celebration, is one of the most anticipated days of a young girl’s life here in Guatemala. This special birthday signifies the transition from childhood to womanhood and is a day not soon forgotten which highlights God, family, friends, and music. Continue reading

School progress and family changes

We are happy to share that despite challenges earlier in the year Jairo and Dincy both passed their year of school this year!  We are also looking at putting Jairo in a different school next year which will hopefully help him with his struggles, and we have talked with his family about the importance of him making time for his studies. Continue reading