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The Escobar family is doing well.  Hipolita and Jamilton still have steady jobs.  They recently moved into a new home […]
A bit has changed since our last update on the Escobar family.  Jamilton and Hipolita still have work.  Jamilton’s job […]
We are happy to announce that all three members of the Escobar family have found regular jobs!  Hipolita is working […]
You may remember that about 4 months ago Faviola had surgery for the removal of her appendix.  She continued to […]
Things have been an uphill battle for the Escobars in the past few months.  They had to move to a […]
The Escobar family continues to struggle to find steady work.  Fabiola had been selling yogurt briefly, but this opportunity didn’t […]
As you may remember from our last post the Escobar family has really been struggling because Fabiola is the only […]
Hipolita, Jamilton and Fabiola have been having a rough time lately as Fabiola is the only one in the family […]
The Escobar family has been struggling for quite some time to find steady work to support their family.  Currently, Dipolita […]
A few weeks ago we showed up to visit Dipolita and Hamilton and much to our surprise Fabiola was living […]