In our last update we shared about the struggles that Emilia and her son continue to have with unemployment.  Thankfully, […]
For quite some time our missionaries have been trying to meet Emilia’s new grandson.  Every time we have visited he […]
The Cordero family is still struggling with unemployment to some degree.  Emilia, the mother of the family, continues to struggle […]
Last week our missionaries had a chance to visit with Emilia and Jerson to share an Easter blessing basket with […]
We have learned recently that Fabiola has separated herself from her family. In talking with her and her family to […]
On November 30, 2014 two dreams came to life through one event.  On this day Jerson Cordero was the first […]
Recently the Cordero family had quite a scare as Jerson came down with a severe illness that no one could […]
As Gerson nears the end of his senior year of high school, he is required to fulfill 200 hours of […]
Since we have known this family, we have always considered them under the name of the matron, Emilia Cordero.  Shortly […]
The Cordero family seems to be under great attack by our spiritual enemy as of late.  Fabiola and Hamilton have […]