A few weeks ago some of our missionaries hosted a kids camp for some of the kids in the community.  […]
Today, with sad hearts, we want to share with all of you a prayer request for Jackeline and her family.
On one of our visits with Jackeline and her family this past week she shared with us that she had […]
The last few months have been challenging for the Chinchilla family.  Jackeline lost her job a few months ago and […]
A few weeks ago we wrote about Jackeline having a kidney infection.  A few days after the visit where we […]
We are so happy to write and tell you that Jackeline has recently found a new job.  This is such […]
We recently heard that Jackeline had to be rushed to the hospital a few weeks ago because she was having […]
In our last post we shared about how Jackeline is doing better with her illness of Hepatitis B. We saw […]
Recently we shared about Jackeline’s struggle with Hepatitis B and we wanted to give you an update to let you […]
In our last post we shared about how Jackeline was recently laid off from her job. She is now facing […]