We just discovered that Jackeline has contracted typhoid fever. She was able to see the doctor and get some medicine […]
In talking with the Chinchilla family recently, we discovered that their school is struggling to support the kids well. Alejandra […]
These past 6 months have brought a lot of changes for Jackeline, Jairo, and Alejandra. At the end of last […]
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The Chinchillas have been trudging through some hard times, but God is good and always provides! Jairo has struggled through […]
Jackeline and her kids have recently been struggling with relational issues inside and outside of their family. Jairo continues to […]
Jackeline continues to look for work, but otherwise is doing well.  She has had some issues with anxiety and nervousness […]
Jackeline and her kids have been struggling a bit lately. Alejandra’s feet have sprouted painful plantar warts recently and has […]
During our most recent visit with Jackeline and the kids, Jairo wanted to show off his new dancing skills, so […]
We last shared with you about Jairo having some masses on his neck and potentially needing surgery to remove them.  […]
We shared in October that Jairo has some masses in his neck and that the doctors were in the process […]