in the beginning…

Olga and her children

Beverly, Kesler, and Byron have had a very challenging life. Olga is originally from Honduras and was abandoned by her family at a young age. After suffering years of abuse from different people in her life she found herself trapped in a sex trafficking ring. This lead to more abuse and hardship in Olga’s life. Olga tried many times to get out of this life but she could never find refuge in anyone she turned to that she thought would help her.

After many years she was finally able to escape this situation

only to meet the man who would father her children and bring her many more years of abuse and heartbreak.

 One of her sons was born early because the father abused her so horribly that it sent her into premature labor. Her second child was a result of being raped by the father. At one point Olga tried leaving the father of her children to go back to Honduras but he followed her there and took their son from her. He told her if she didn’t come back he would kill her and the children so eventually she returned to him.  After several suicide attempts, which Olga now thanks Jesus were unsuccessful, she met the family of a pastor from a local church through an activity they were doing at one of her children’s school.

As she got to know this pastoral family they shared with her that they had a house of refuge for women and children who have suffered abuse. Olga left the father of her children and went to live at the house of refuge. This was a tough time for Olga as she went through detox from drugs and alcohol. There were many struggles for her with the father of her children trying to get them to come back and many struggles from the effects of all the abuse she had endured in her life. Olga is thankful for the hard work and faithfulness of the pastoral family because she and her children were able to live in a safe place while Olga healed, came to know Jesus, and began to heal from her difficult life. She has received much healing through the church’s Celebrate Recovery program and finally got to the point in 2014 where she felt ready to start dating a man from the church who was interested in her. This has been a growing process for Olga as she learns to trust men again but the Lord is faithful and in 2015 Olga and Elias were married. She now has a strong passion to help women who are struggling with abuse and addictions in their lives

Olga says she has finally learned that she is the daughter of the King of Kings and she is valued very much because she is worth the blood of Christ, who loves her so much He died to forgive her sins. She says the blood of Christ is priceless and therefore she now believes that despite her past she is invaluable because Jesus Christ defines who she is and he gives her worth.

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