Dayana, Estuardo, and Andre moved to Linda Vista, Guatemala from Guatemala City in February 2013.  Dayana suffered from a bad relationship which resulted in her two boys.  The father abandoned the family and have left both boys without a father figure to look up to.  Dayana went to school for accounting and secretarial work.  She recently decided to move to Linda Vista to become a part of City of Refuge Christian Community Church.  Since then, she has been working to support her boys by taking jobs translating for teams that come to work in the community, attempting to start her own catering business, and leading the resources of the church’s handicraft ministry that provides some income for single mothers.  Unfortunately, this only provides her with temporary income as she does not have a fixed location of employment.

The boys continue to struggle with the affects of being abandoned by their fathers.  They missed a year of school in 2013 but thanks to the Serving At Risk Families ministry, they are now able to attend school.  The high gang influence in the area puts the boys at risk of being recruited and they need more structure, discipline, and Godly influence in their lives.  As the family continues to work in community with the local church, they face similar struggles as many others in Guatemala: unstable work consistency, high risk environment, and a constant fight to obtain basic needs.

In the beginning of 2018, Dayana and her boys moved to Guatemala City so that Dayana could look for a job to use her newly achieved chef’s degree!  Please continue to pray for them as they seek God’s guidance in the next steps towards the plans he has for them.

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