Lily has had a very challenging life. At a very young age she and her siblings were left without their father and their mother was the only one to provide for the family. Lily had many struggles during her years of living with her mother and her siblings including a difficult situation with a man in her town which left her pregnant at the age of 14. However, there are blessings in everything because the result of this pregnancy is Lily’s beautiful and sweet son Jorge Esteban.


Around the time Jorge was born Lily was going through some very extremely difficult things in her life and was living a life that was dangerous for her and that was not the best situation for her son. Thankfully, she was given a place to stay by the pastor’s of a local church in Linda Vista and this has been a safe place where Lily and Jorge have been able to heal, grow, and find refuge in the Lord.

Jorge Garcia

Lily is a true testament to what God can do in people’s lives. The Lord has taken all the difficulties of her past and given her healing and growth. She is now a leader of the church. She has finished high school and is in the process of getting her college degree so that she can provide for her family and for Jorge. The Lord is also renewing her relationship with her family and she enjoys visiting with them occasionally during the year.

Jorge is a little boy is filled with joy and love. It is such a gift to see Lily and Jorge together and see how much she loves him and how hard she works for them to have a great life together.

Please continue to pray for Lily as she grows as a leader in the church and as she continues her studies. Please also pray for Jorge to study well and for the Lord to continue to provide the means for both of them to go school.

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While we miss Lily and Jorge dearly, we are happy that she has been able to move back home and is attempting to care for herself and her son on her own.  It is scary for her to be on her own, but we also celebrate the renewed relationship she has with her mom.  We are still in communication with them and will keep mySARF updated as we learn of any prayer concerns they might have as they learn this new chapter of their lives.