Jorge struggles with Alcoholism

Jorge is a farmer by trade, growing up learning from his father, who has since passed away.  Jorge’s skills and ingenuity is quite impressive, given that he never graduated 2nd grade and cannot read or write!

His fight against alcoholism has cost him many things, including his family.  His estranged wife, Roselia, has moved away and their kids live with her, even though they enjoy spending time with him on a regular basis

He continues to fight for his family and has experienced longer bouts of sobriety in recent years.

Carmen Jimenez continues to pray for her family

We met Carmen years ago, making tortillas.  Being under-educated herself, she hasn’t been able to find a steady, well-paying job, especially now that she has reached retirement age!  She owns the land that Jorge currently lives on by himself, which was given to the family as payment for working in the fields nearby for the past 60 years!

Recently, Carmen moved to Guatemala City to live with her daughter as she felt she needed a change of scenery and some distance from Jorge as life had gotten difficult for the two of them to live under the same roof.

Kevin and Brandon visit Jorge the most

As Jorge improves in his sobriety, the boys visit him more and this encourages him to stay sober.  Aside from farming, he also works in construction when there are jobs available.  We hope to help Jorge completely overcome his addiction so we can help him build a reputable farming business as well as help him grow to be the man God created him to be.

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