In 2015

Roselia separated from  Jorge Jimenez and took with her 2 of their 4 boys, Jorge Andres (their oldest) and Anthony (their youngest). She decided she could no longer live with him and moved to Guatemala’s Pacific coast for about year. In that time we lost contact with her but in 2016 were able to re-establish contact as she moved back to the area.

She was living in a small house which she is paying the mortgage for along with her boyfriend who also lives with her and the boys. The two of them have a child together, Rosita. Roselia has expressed increasing interest in seeking once again the ways of the Lord and is doing her best to establish her new life and find a way to provide for her boys.

 In 2018, Kevin moved in with Roselia and in 2019 Brandon followed suit. Now Roselia lives in a house with her 4 boys and little girl with another on the way, but struggles to find any work. The boys are trying to re-establish their relationship with their father. Because of being transient, the boys have struggled with going to school but as they get older, they help their mom and dad work to provide for the family’s basic needs and attend school occasionally.

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